Fitz Chem Corporation


Product Class: Rheology Modifiers

Product Name: BENTONE MA

Supplier Name: Elementis Specialties


BENTONE MA is a rheological additive based on a purified hectorite clay that imparts thixotropy and good anti-settling properties to water-borne systems.


* Adhesives

* Agro chemicals

* Cementitious systems

* Ceramic glazes

* Cosmetics

* Crop Protection Agents

* Oil-in-water emulsions

* Latex paints

* Electro-deposition paints

* Foundry resins/foundry paints (washes)

* Household cleaners

* Polishes

* Plaster compounds

* Water-reducible systems

* Welding electrodes

Value Added:

Rheological Properties:
* Provides thermo stable aqueous phase viscosity control
* Imparts thixotropy
* Prevents settling

Application Performance:
* Enhances texturing and stippling effects

System Stability:
* Electrolyte tolerant
* Prevents hard settlement of pigments/fillers
* Reduces syneresis
* Minimizes floating/flooding of pigments
* Stabilizes emulsions

Easy to Use:
* Can be incorporated as powder or as an aqueous pre-gel

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