Fitz Chem Corporation


Product Class: Mineral & Extender

Product Name: KAOPOLITE SF

Supplier Name: Kaopolite, Inc.


KAOPOLITE® SF anhydrous aluminum silicate, the original gentle abrasive, that is used worldwide in superior polishes and dentifrices.

KAOPOLITE SF disperses readily in both water- and organic solvent-based formulations. Its fine particle size and unique structure promotes good suspension in most liquid systems and allows it to pass easily through aerosol valves. The carefully controlled water and oil demand properties of KAOPOLITE SF ensure consistent formulated products.

KAOPOLITE SF exhibits low absorptivity and is compatible with amine-functional silicones. When combined with harsher abrasives, KAOPOLITE SF shows a pronounced and beneficial gentling effect.


* Automotive, metal, plastic, and household polishes

* Dentifrices

* Fine lapping compounds

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