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Consumers crave products containing natural ingredients with proven effectiveness.

Fitz Chem, NAGASE Group’s five proprietary formulations are considered dramatic breakthroughs in the beauty industry.

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Every day, millions of people around the world use products with Fitz Chem’s formulations.
A distributor of specialty chemicals since 1985, Fitz Chem’s personal care solutions
has evolved into a respected resource for testing, technology and formulation.

Today, we are part of the NAGASE Group, a leader in the chemicals, plastics,
electronics, life sciences and automotive markets. Founded in 1832,
NAGASE is a $6.4 billion global innovator with more than 6,000 employees worldwide.

The values we believe in guide our busisess decisions and our work culture.
From salespeople to our R&D team, we honor transparency and collaboration.
Our vision is to be the most reliable, customer-centric partner to industry leaders
— from prestige to indie brands — looking for a long-term partner to help them
grow and thrive in the marketplace.


How Does MG-60 Work?


MG-60 is of natural origin, produced from starch through enzymatic reactions. This multifunctional clear liquid imparts a smooth texture and protects against skin irritation. It is compatible with all personal care surfactants.

Adding MG-60 to cleansing formulas improves foam richness, resulting in long-lasting lather with luxuriant after-feel. Foam shape is enhanced, and foam is soft and bouncy. Moreover, it has also shown efficacy as an anti-inflammatory agent and protects against UV-induced cell damage making it ideal for sun protection and after-sun treatment formulations.

In hair cleansing and conditioning, MG-60 possesses an over-coating ability that repairs damaged hair, smoothes hair surfaces and prevents cuticles from further lifting or peeling.

After treatment with MG-60, damaged hair exhibited greater tensile strength than undamaged hair.

In formulations, MG-60 treatment of damaged hair results in improved contrast glossiness (greater than Arginine) and imparts a velvety slip and feel on skin and hair.


How Does AA2G Work?

AA2G is a stabilized Vitamin C derivative synthesized from Vitamin C & starch by enzymatic technology developed by NAGASE. When used in a skin cream, AA2G delivers healthier & younger looking skin over a prolonged period.

Bioavailability: AA2G has the same biological activity in the body as Vitamin C because it is hydrolyzed into Vitamin C & glucose by a-glucosidase, the enzyme naturally existing in cell membranes in the body, including the skin. Therefore, Vitamin C is taken up by cell, not AA2G.

Vitamin C is continuously taken up by cells after AA2G is cleaved into Vitamin C by the cellular enzyme. Invitro efficacy testing shows conventional Vitamin C is taken up by cells for only 2 DAYS, while AA2G is taken up for 8 DAYS, so it has a greater sustained effect than conventional Vitamin C.


How Does AGH Work?

Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin (AGH) is composed of glucose & hesperidin. Hesperidin is a flavonoid found in various citrus fruits, used for centuries to provide a “body-warming sensation” by stimulating the circulation of the skin. In AGH, the glucose & hesperidin are bound together using technology developed exclusively by NAGASE. This proprietary process results in a substance that has improved solubility in water, while retaining the natural biologic functions of hesperidin. Poor skin circulation can be caused by day-to-day stress, pollution, climate changes, lack of exercise or insuffi cient sleep; but the result is always the same: tired, older looking skin.

Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin has been scientifi cally shown to improve circulation when applied to the skin, thus helping to overcome the negative physical eff ects caused by stress, tiredness, pollution and cold.

AGH decreases under eye circles and improves an even skin tone. AGH showed good effi cacy in the reduction of conspicuous skin pores due to aging or UV - and as a potent anti-oxidant and anti-infl ammatory agent.


How Does Trehalose-100 Work?

Trehalose 100 is a naturally occurring disaccharide with regenerative ability that helps protect skin and hair from damage due to dehydration even under extremely dry conditions, much like the resurrection plant exhibited above with the same disaccharide. Trehalose retains moisture and protects skin cells from heat and cold damage as well.

Barrier function in the stratum corneum is chiefly due to intercellular lipid which forms lamellar structures. Trehalose moisturizes the stratum corneum and strengthens barrier function by effectively retaining water and promoting lamellar structure formation.

Trehalose inhibits the release of infl ammatory factors which cause itching.
The addition of 3% Trehalose eff ectively reduced the odor intensity from the degradation of oils and fats, waxes, fatty acids, and esters in a formulation.

Trehalose 100 solution has low viscosity at relatively high concentrations, and does not interact with other viscosity agents, so it does not aff ect the desired viscosity when added to solutions.


How Does Pullulan Work?

Pullulan is a water soluble naturally occurring polysaccharide produced via fermentation. Pullulan exhibits excellent lubricity, adhesive and film-forming properties, leaving a natural
silicone-like after-feel on the skin. Importantly, Pullulan provides an instant skin lifting and tightening effect via the formation of this film that stays on the surface of the skin, significantly reducing wrinkle depth and improving skin barrier protection. It is particularly effective against facial sagging and combats the effects of aging.

Pullulan enhances the adhesion of facial masks and improves tactile sensation in toners and serums. In addition, Pullulan is great for haircare and mascara applications due to its high adhesiveness and lubricity and is suitable as a binder for agglomerated products and hair gel, and for active ingredients to be effectively applied to the body by hand, spray or roll-on.

Pullulan is freely soluble in water, making it easy to use in shampoos, hair conditioners, body washes and all rinse-off products. Its excellent foam retention properties and low viscosity enable it to be used for creating elegant smooth textures for new product development in skin care, hair care and facial cleansing products.

Finally, Pullulan’s film can be modified by the inclusion of gelling agents. The film is anti-static, impermeable to oxygen and oil resistant. Importantly, active ingredients, colors and fragrances can be incorporated into the film and effectively stabilized. Pullulan film can provide a novel format for innovative cosmetic products.

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