Why Fitz Chem?

Four reasons we are different. One unique approach.


Real people use your products to better their lives. We begin with this in mind. How will we advance your products and formulations? What solution is your customer seeking? How can we create a new and different solution? Human-centered creativity means our deep bench of experts work with you to consider every solution.


Our value chain sets us apart. By sharing information up and down the channel, we are a better partner to our internal stakeholders and customers. A two-way communication flow delivers the kind of deep collaboration you would expect from people creating with and for you. Suppliers are carefully chosen based on three criteria: values, uniqueness and quality of product, and collaboration style.


Fitz Chem NAGASE’s Itasca Innovation Lab helps you empirically prove how your formula will work, explore what-if scenarios, and accelerate the coding effort. Our lab and inhouse chemists give way to rapid, proven product development. We’ve also invested heavily in a data management system for rapid access to competitive knowledge and market information for more critical thinking and decision-making.


We are not an off-the-rack distributor. Marketers looking to go to market from “conception to bottle” rapidly and successfully trust us to get them there. We look at the big picture. Vertical business insight. Marketplace trends. The story behind the data.

About Us

Fitz Chem is a customer focused distributor of specialty chemicals in the Central United States. We are intentionally selective in our market approach so we can offer our customers good old fashioned customer service and product expertise.