Why NAGASE Specialty Materials?

Fierce Go-To-Market Mindset

Our focus is on supply reliability and responsiveness, zeroing in on strategic markets and products critical to your success.

Unparalleled Availability

We have an extensive warehouse network and industry-leading inventory management for guaranteed material availability.

Technical Expertise

We speak your language. Our team includes chemists and material experts with extensive training and education.

Superior Sourcing

There is no such thing as a run-of-the-mill challenge. With over 6,000 employees in 27 countries, we successfully source and develop unique raw materials.

Unique Technologies

We continually improve our access to new and innovative materials. We fast-track importation and scale up developmental products.

Trusted Partner

Whether it is broad technology access during R&D, or supply excellence at the commercial stage, we add value throughout the entire manufacturing journey.

Four reasons we are different. One unique approach.


Real people use your products to better their lives. We begin with this in mind. How will we advance your products and formulations? What solution is your customer seeking? How can we create a new and different solution? Human-centered creativity means our deep bench of experts work with you to consider every solution.


Our value chain sets us apart. By sharing information up and down the channel, we are a better partner to our internal stakeholders and customers. A two-way communication flow delivers the kind of deep collaboration you would expect from people creating with and for you. Suppliers are carefully chosen based on three criteria: values, uniqueness and quality of product, and collaboration style.


Fitz Chem NAGASE’s Itasca Innovation Lab helps you empirically prove how your formula will work, explore what-if scenarios, and accelerate the coding effort. Our lab and inhouse chemists give way to rapid, proven product development. We’ve also invested heavily in a data management system for rapid access to competitive knowledge and market information for more critical thinking and decision-making.


We are not an off-the-rack distributor. Marketers looking to go to market from “conception to bottle” rapidly and successfully trust us to get them there. We look at the big picture. Vertical business insight. Marketplace trends. The story behind the data.

About Us

NAGASE Specialty Materials drives value for market innovators. We are a distributor of specialty chemicals and a manufacturer of chemical ingredients for industries impacting everyday life around the world. We are committed to adding value to our customers’ product development and manufacturing processes with extensive resources to fulfill that commitment.


We empower bold people with big ideas. For more than 40 years, we’ve driven value for market innovators in various industries, and we continue to do so today.

Manufacturing is holistic. Every stage determines outcomes. We add value all along the manufacturing journey -- from the seed of an idea to getting your products into the hands of people who need them most.

NAGASE Specialty Materials is a distributor of specialty chemicals and a manufacturer of chemical technologies. We provide solutions for industries impacting everyday life around the world: textiles; coatings; inks; plastics; packaging; automotive; aerospace; personal care; household, industrial and institutional; pharmaceutical; and electronics. We are chemists and problem-solvers, scientists and creative thinkers.

We began in 1985 as Fitz Chem. Our founder’s motto: Grow through reputation. We became known as a company where people and ideas could thrive. In 2017, after three decades of growth, we became part of NAGASE Group, an $8 billion innovator known for making high-end Japanese technologies accessible globally.

Our collective values came from a shared passion for customer success, trust and respect, and honest communication. With global access to experts and ahead-of-the-wave technologies, our unique chemistries give customers a competitive edge.

Today, we offer innovation centers that support R&D and application testing, an expansive supplier network enabling unmatched access to materials, and a market-solution driven mindset to address complex process challenges.

NAGASE was founded in 1832 as a specialized purveyor of dyes and chemicals. NAGASE Group includes 100+ group companies and more than 6,000 team members in 27 countries and regions, providing value-added opportunities in global markets. Along with our worldwide reach, we continue to provide dedicated support and commitment to our customers. What is important to you inspires us to deliver our best work with the greatest of care.

Our beginnings were humble.

The year was 1985. Founder Robert Becker, a veteran in the chemical industry, launched Fitz Chem as a place where people and ideas could thrive. His motto: Grow through reputation.

Fast forward to 2017. After three decades of growth, the perfect partner found us. NAGASE, an $8 billion innovator known for high-end Japanese technologies, shared our foundational values – a passion for building other people’s success, trust and respect, and honest communication. With global access to experts and ahead-of-the-wave technologies, our unique chemistries give customers an opportunity to win.

Today, we are a hybrid company.

Fitz Chem NAGASE Group is both a traditional distributor of specialty chemicals and a manufacturer of chemical formulations. We are scientists and technology geeks, thinkers and creatives. We are always questioning: What is the impact of our work on the future of consumer goods?

Hang up the phone, then trust.

In a marketplace where rapid change is the norm, a promise kept can mean the difference between going to market on time and missing a critical window of opportunity altogether. Our reputation is built on unshakable ground: on-time delivery and shipping, suppliers prepared for orders with minimal disruption, access to chemists and industry experts, and a flawless track record of follow-through rooted in our values.