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Welcome to Fitz Chem Corporation

Fitz Chem is a customer focused distributor of specialty chemicals in the Central United States. We are intentionally selective in our market approach so we can offer our customers good old fashioned customer service and product expertise.

Founded in 1985, Fitz Chem has the knowledge and expertise to help you with everyday supply needs as well as more challenging technical and formulation requirements. The core industries we serve are adhesives, construction, graphic arts, home and personal care, institutional and industrial cleaning, paint and coatings, plastics and rubber.

Responsible DistributionOur customers often tell us that doing business with Fitz Chem is easy. Our everyday mission is to live up to that legacy: providing you with the most reliable and customer centered source of specialty chemical products available in the Central United States.


Newest Talc from Imerys for Improved Performance Properties

Jetfine 1H is a high purity, microcrystalline talc suitable for coatings applications requiring high brightness and a 7+Hegman top size. Jetfine 1H is beneficial in architectural and industrial coatings at additive levels for titanium dioxide spacing without compromising paint optical or durability properties. Typical applications include: Industrial topcoats: Jetfine 1H provides high gloss, high whiteness, and excellent titanium dioxide spacing for maximum opacity at a minimal raw material cost. Corrosion resistance and gloss retention are excellent with typical urethane and modified alkyd industrial coatings resins. Polyester gelcoats: Jetfine 1H provides a clean, white color, ease-of-dispersion, shear-thinning rheology, excellent polishing and patching properties, and good film reinforcement properties. High % PVC waterborne paints: Jetfine 1H provides a unique combination of dry hiding, low sheen, and film whiteness. Examples are ceiling paints and ceiling tile coatings.                                  Talc Tip: Frozen car door seals - In icy weather, rub talc on your car door seals to prevent the doors from frosting up.


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